Ivano Ledda

the alchemist of art



RAKU signifies:

The technique of this ceramic is different, but the philosophy is the same, "Zen and Taoista", intense like a way of living, not like a religion.

Raku originally came from the name of Rikyu, a teacher for the Ceremony of Tea, who lived in Japan in the year XVI.

At the beginning Tea was very rare and was used in Monastery's by the Buddhist monarchs to help them stayvigilant during their long meditations. Much later on the use of this drink became an item for noble people, military people, and merchants. The Tea Ceremony became a very important thing that involved using costumes and philosophic thinking.

The development of Japanese Raku ceramic represents a moment of determination, and it essentially assumed importance because of the Ceremony for  Tea in that country. The offer of a cup of that type of perfumed drink, that also has virtue and medicinal qualities, assumed the characteristics of the Ceremony, with a series of complex formalities and sophisticated details enabling you to gain a beatiful harmony, thereby creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity between the guests and hosts of the house.